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Urban Light

13 August 2015 Chris Burden’s arrangement is considered to be the masterpiece of the LACMA collection. You don’t need a ticket to see it: it stands just outside the Rodin sculpture garden.

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Walker and Pillars

13 August 2015 My flickr followers like this black and white atmosphere piece of a man walking to pretty much nowhere in the LACMA complex.

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Farmer’s Market

13 August 2015 This is between the stalls at the Farmer’s Market.

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The Cook

July 26, 2015 I enjoyed watching the employees doing their work. The food was also good. I went for the sausage.

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Sideshow Front

July 26 2015 Walking around the fairgrounds, I saw plenty of things worth photographing. I only regret not going in to see Hercules the Giant Horse. Maybe next year?

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Spinning High

July 30 2015 I don’t know what these things are called, but lots of people photograph them and never get tired of liking them. I was testing out my new Holga to see how it worked. One of the lows of photography for me is that people seem to want to see the same thing […]

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The Ruins

Date: April 26,2015 An 1812 earthquake brought down this church. For many years, the famous swallows of Capistrano lived on the upper walls. I took this while looking for places to take pinhole photographs. It is fortunate that I got these because I screwed up the winding of my pinhole film and obtained many blurry […]

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Loreto Customs

Date: April 11, 2013 I had nothing better to do than to wait. So I sat and watches the informal customs office deal with the passengers who came off the cruise ship. My nerves told me not to take the shot, but I did it anyway and suffered no consequences for it. This was taken […]

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Life boats

Date: December 7, 2014 It’s World Pinhole Day and I am out taking photos with a couple of cameras. I took this shot last December beside the replica of The Pilgrim — the ship that Dana sailed around the Cape Horn. The day was overcast but clear. I built the camera — a P-Sharan STD […]

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World Pinhole Day

Today is World Pinhole Day and you can bet that I will be out using my two pinhole cameras — a P-Sharan STD and a Pinhole Blender — to capture what I see. Here is a pinhole that I took last December on Solstice: Date: December 21,2014 The Griffith Park Observatory is always a good […]

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