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Silvia Adobe

April 25, 2015. This small, historic structure is a few blocks from Mission San Juan Capistrano. It seems to be a favorite place for high school yearbook and wedding photos.

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The Ruins

Date: April 26,2015 An 1812 earthquake brought down this church. For many years, the famous swallows of Capistrano lived on the upper walls. I took this while looking for places to take pinhole photographs. It is fortunate that I got these because I screwed up the winding of my pinhole film and obtained many blurry […]

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Yeah, I can be a smart ass sometimes

Date: April 26, 2015 After I finished taking my pinhole photos, I wandered around with my digital camera as well. Let me tell you this: nothing attracts a photographer like a sign saying that you shouldn’t take pictures, particularly when there is no good reason for it. Am I within my rights? Yep. If you […]

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Amtrak Passes

Date: April 26, 2015 I took this for World Pinhole Day, one of several I shot in San Juan Capistrano. Mission walls bored me quickly, so I sought out the tracks by the station and waited for one of the many late afternoon trains to pass. I stood about five feet back, but inside the […]

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