World Pinhole Day

Today is World Pinhole Day and you can bet that I will be out using my two pinhole cameras — a P-Sharan STD and a Pinhole Blender — to capture what I see. Here is a pinhole that I took last December on Solstice:

Griffith Park Observatory (pinhole)

Date: December 21,2014

The Griffith Park Observatory is always a good spot to visit and take photographs despite the hordes of tourists. I miscalculated and chose Winter Solstice for our short trip. Parking was a bear and we ended up near the bottom of the hill which I did not regret because of the exercise.

The day was overcast which was good because I was shooting with Kentmere 100. One guy asked me if the paper camera that I had made was a light meter. I finished the roll.

This particular shot pleased me because it was a good picture of the observatory and planetarium. The motion blur of people heading towards it was a bonus.

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