Paths of Light is the website of Joel Sax, photographer.

Joel received an Anthropology degree from Pomona College in 1980. He has attended Duke University, the University of North Carolina, and the University of California Extension in San Francisco. His travels have taken him to Greece, Mexico, Canada (OK, just Campobello Island), Italy, France, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Hungary, and Makedonia. His next trek is a visit to Senegal.

He has been on the InterNet since 1988, at first assisting the Institute for Global Communications with their Middle East and religious outreach. He established the IGC Balkans desk. In 1992, he traveled to former Yugoslavia to help set up networks and to use the InterNet to report back about what he saw first hand.

Since his return from former Yugoslavia, he has been working independently to develop effective ways to use the InterNet for creative and professional communication. His blog, Pax Nortona, was named one of the Best Bipolar Disorder Blogs for 2009 by Psychcentral.com, and other honors. He has assisted the National Park Service on its Alcatraz National Park Service web page, supplying both text and photographs for the project. His tweetbot “Bipolar_Blogs” is a popular and informative resource for sufferers of manic depression on Twitter. He administers the group blogs Bipolar Winds and Moodswingers.

You may find his work in several places including flickr, Lomography, and Instagram where he insanely catalogs his own face. Both digital and analog cameras comprise his working collection.

Though he has concentrated on nature and landscape photography, he has set a goal of becoming a better portrait photographer. He also has the ambition of writing short films about his life with bipolar disorder.

Joel lives in Trabuco Canyon, California with his wife Lynn, his cat Boadicea, and his Boston Terrier Drake.

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