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Riders in the Sun

May 3, 2015 I stood just shy of the summit of Dreaded Hill to get this shot.

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Edge of the World

May 1, 2015. I have been experimenting with a set of graduated filters. Here I used a blue one to bring out the sky more clearly.

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Black Sage

May 16, 2014 I did not enjoy this wildflower season as much as I did last year’s. The heat brought too many flowers to bloom too quickly and I missed many of the main displays though I did encounter a few species that were new to me including Hubby’s Phacelia. Black sage is a common […]

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Weed’s Mariposa Lily

May 21, 2014 This strange flower grows on rocky ridges in these parts. I found this beauty along the crest of Whiting’s infamous Billy Goat Trail. The ragged edges of this flower are not a sign of decay, but the blossom at its best.

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Red Diamond Rattlesnake

Date: June 14, 2014 I encountered five rattlesnakes last year. This elder sprawled across a hiking path in Whiting Ranch Wilderness Park that I was descending. I worked my way around him and took several shots with my zoom lens. I don’t believe in killing rattlesnakes. They eat rodents and rodents carry fleas which carry […]

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Cactus Trail 2/6/2015 #2

Date: February 6, 2015 Motion blur had defied me due to the high ASA settings on my camera. I accomplished this by putting a neutral density filter (ND8) over the lens so I could slow the shutter speed.

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Forest and Meadows

Date: April 3, 2015 I found that I had five Instax shots left over in my camera, so I went out to take them in nearby Whiting Ranch. I vowed that I would make five better-than-acceptable photographs; but I could only realize it for three of them. This is the first photo that I took […]

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