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Chinelo Unmasked

This was one of the chinelos, a type of dancer from the Mexican City neighborhoods of Milpa Alta and Xochimilco. They usually appear around carnival time when they serve to mock old men and disguise the wearers. Wikipedia says: This dance developed as a mockery of the Europeans with their fine clothing, beards, fair skin […]

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Blonde Riding a Coach

This woman was riding a carriage filled with women singing Italian arias. Few people realize that Italian Americans supplied much of the work force in the mines and so did their part to tame the West. This is a very popular photo on flickr. Guess few people can resist a blonde who is publicly declaring […]

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Man in a White Hat on a White Horse

I went to the Swallows Day Parade in San Juan Capistrano last month. It’s a great parade. You will never have seen so many horses in your life, however. The stream of riders, bands, reenactors, and dancers took two hours to pass. It started with some reenactors shooting off their guns to wake up the […]

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