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Before the Fireworks

July 4, 2015 The waiting for dark brought this.

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Sunset Picnic

July 4, 2015 There wasn’t much to do before the sun set and the fireworks began except talk, eat, and take photographs.

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Trabuco Canyon

July 4, 2015 We arrived several hours before the fireworks, so I took the opportunity to capture some of the surrounding mountains. “Trabuco” is Spanish for blunderbuss. There’s a story behind that name…

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Fireworks 2015

July 4, 2015 One of my very first projects with a soundtrack. I learned a lot about editing when I did this film. Again, I am taking my new camcorder with me when I go to Senegal. Music: “Liszt Millipede” by Lanark.

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Vista Point Sunset — July 25, 2015

July 25, 2015 I own a Brinno time lapse camera which I intend to use when I go to Senegal, London, and Paris in October. I can think of lots of scenarios to film. Music is “Under the Sunset” by Lesbian Afternoon.”

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Redscale Sunset

April 18, 2015. This is cheating, of course, and about the only way I am going to get a sunset out of a black and white film. I used an eight-point star filter and redscale film to generate the effect. I hate this cell phone tower. Getting around it requires some acrobatics. Here, I just […]

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The Saddleback

April 18, 2015. Cezanne had his Mont Sainte-Victoire. I have The Saddleback which I have captured from various angles. Redscale is a special film made by Lomography. I enjoy it for the bright orange tones it lends to the pictures. I used a Bronica ETRSi shooting 120 film for this landscape taken along O’Neill Regional […]

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